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PROCUREMENT SERVICES - get the best at Holland Machinery!

Multiple needs

The exploration processes are hard enough to set up, but it is even harder to maintain the constant level of supporting activities. There is a continuous need for equipment supplies and repairs, need for new communication facilities, energy producing units as the operations grow, storage facilities and what not. An exploration company can be aware of these needs or expect their emergence and plan the purchases accordingly. On the other hand, these needs can emerge unexpectedly and fast solution must be found in the shortest period of time. In both cases what the company needs is a reliable supplier to fall back on – any moment, any time, with any question.

One supplier

Holland Machinery is the supplier. The supplier that can be turned to any time of day or night, with any issue or inquiry. Our company has gained wide experience during 7 years in Procurement services. We can source almost anything: from heaviest of machinery and their spare parts to kitchen equipment for your field exploration camps. We are the one safe source to satisfy all your needs. You won’t have to search in haste for a peculiar supplier every single time an unusual requirement comes up. Just drop us a message and we will make sure you will get what you need in no time.

Fast handling

Open and fast communication is 80% of success in procurement processes. Once you e-mail us your inquiry, you can be sure that we have already started working on it. Our immediate reaction in case of questions, fast response to your remarks will ensure complete understanding and as a result – supplying you with exactly what you need.

Full assistance

Sourcing goods in domestic country can be complicated, but sourcing goods worldwide is a multiple-step process. From the moment of order a good can undergo several stages before it reaches its end user: manufacturing (in some cases especially for a client), delivery to the warehouse, delivery to the port, export clearance, inspections, and finally shipment to the customer. It would be so easy if someone were there to take care of it and make sure the good reaches you in excellent condition. Holland Machinery is there for you. We will provide you with full assistance at every stage of the delivery process and make sure you have it in time.

And more

Excellent service is always more. Are you in search for new options or new fields of supply? Do you need individually tailored programme. Tell us about it and we will try to find a solution, be it supplies of large packages of machinery, transferring the supplies services to another exploration division or even providing on site services by our mechanics.

To sum it up: Holland Machinery is your one-stop shop with 360° comprehensive service, open 24/7 365 days per year. Call us and get all your needs fixed in a click of a mouse!

Holland Machinery is not an authorized Caterpillar dealer.

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